Us Poker Sites

Though US online poker privileges have been shredded a little by the UIGEA law, some online gambling sites still operate in the US and are accepting US gamblers all the same. As a US resident who plays online games for a living or as a hobby, you must be nostalgic about the good old days of sites like PartyPoker which gave us endless fun in gambling games.

However we should not despair since some US poker sites and popular game are still functional; for the Poker star or the full-tilt player, sites like Intertops Poker are still functional and welcome to US gamblers. These US poker sites are even accepting credit cards to fund your gambling.

Though several US poker sites might be slacking a bit or have exit America because of the tight UIGEA rules, some are still there for you and are professionally maintained and will let you play for real money. You will also be able to fund your gambling as well as withdraw your winnings in financial institutions.

Even if the few left poker sites serve US residents, the future of online gambling in USA depends on whether the UIGEA rules will be revised or scraped off altogether. The UIGEA bill was passed during the Bush government and was designed to target the financial institutions that fund the poker sites. The rules blocked both fundings of the poker sites and also withdrawing from the same sites. offers RTG and Playtech casino games! Visit the casino en ligne website!

While it's still a puzzle why the UIGEA laws don't affect land casinos, the laws have received the much resistance that was bound from online casinos and other huge gambling Companies. The online gambling community is fighting back through unions like IMEGA; the union has recently filed a restraining order on the Act until the visible loopholes in the laws can be amended.

The success of IMEGA and other organizations, pushing for a lift on the online gambling ban, will be a relief to the real money poker community waiting earnestly for the legislative verdict. A more advocated move by the gambling community is legalizing and regulating online gambling. The US government can also issue tax requests for revenue.